Provider Registration (Litholink Account Only)

Thank you for your interest in Litholink’s Kidney Stone Program.  This registration is for a new or interested provider or a provider who would like to update their information.  

Once your registration is completed, we will send you a welcome email within 1 to 2 business days. The welcome email will include:

  • Your sales representative’s information
  • A PDF of our Test Request Form (TRF)
  • A sample patient results report
  • Current workflow diagram to show you how our program works
  • A sample pediatric results report

Please complete the information below for a Litholink account.

Practice Information

Provider Information

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Report Delivery Preference
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All other help

For any other questions or provider requests, please contact us (Choose: Sales Support).  This includes:

  • Seeking a Labcorp account number
  • Online retrieval of Litholink results (must have a Labcorp Account number)
  • Other services that Litholink/Labcorp support

If you would like to register for a Labcorp account number, please click here.