Litholink is committed to remaining at the forefront of laboratory testing for patients with urolithiasis through continuous development in scientific research, assay development, and updating our interpretive software as the diagnosis and treatment of patients with urolithiasis evolves. Litholink collaborates with leading researchers all over the country in order to advance the field of urolithiasis research. Over the past 20+ years, Litholink has contributed to over 100 published peer-reviewed studies.

Examples of Litholink’s innovation are listed below:

  • A proprietary collection and testing process for patients with cystinuria which allows for more accurate measurement of urinary cystine excretion and direct measurement of urine cystine supersaturation
  • Collection of a large number of 24-hour urine samples from healthy children to provide a unique resource for the evaluation of children with urolithiasis
  • Incorporation of medical treatment data, serum chemistries and kidney stone composition into the interpretation of urine chemistries and stone risk