Litholink's Scientific Expertise

At Litholink, our scientific expertise and clinical experience make us established leaders in the care of patients with urolithiasis. Litholink Corporation has been a leader in the use of 24-hour urine chemistries in the metabolic evaluation of kidney stone patients for 20+ years. Litholink was founded by Drs Fredric Coe and John Asplin to bring their knowledge and expertise to a wider audience. Our commitment to superior service ensures that our clients receive patient results in a unique graph and table format, accompanied by expert interpretation of the laboratory results. Our staff nephrologists are available for consultation on specific patient results and urolithiasis in general.

Urolithiasis Expertise

  • Physician-to-physician consultations and board-certified nephrologist interpretations
  • Patient-centric data system allows for tracking patient over time and consideration of past results when interpreting current samples
  • Inclusion of the patient’s current medical treatments in the interpretation of laboratory results
  • 24-hour urine collected using antimicrobial preservative and at room temperature to maximize sample integrity
  • Urine supersaturations calculated for common stone forming salts
  • Urine collection kits designed to allow the patient to do the urine collection at home and ship the sample directly to Litholink without having to return to a laboratory facility or doctor’s office
  • Specialized pediatric report comparing results to age- and gender-matched children
  • Specialized testing system available for patients with cystinuria, which includes a direct measurement of cystine supersaturation