Litholink Services

Litholink is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer support for our 24-hour urine testing services. Our national infrastructure allows for a seamless, integrated service that makes it easier for clients to manage their laboratory needs.

  • Dedicated 24-hour urine testing hotline with highly trained staff
  • Board-certified medical nephrologists available for expert consultation
  • Patient-specific results report
  • Historical test results
  • Interpretative paragraphs to help guide treatment
  • Fonts and colors highlight risk factors
  • Connectivity solutions for testing ordering and result reporting
  • Broad managed care coverage

Our Kidney Stone Prevention Program

Dr. Fredric Coe, a leading expert in kidney stone disease, founded Litholink to bring state-of-the-art kidney stone treatment techniques to physicians nationwide.

Litholink’s Kidney Stone Prevention Program has been proven to reduce kidney stone formation.

Litholink, a LabCorp subsidiary, has developed a programmatic approach to comprehensively treat kidney stone disease. Using this approach, we are able to reduce the rate of kidney stone recurrence up to 80%.

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